The Party Favour

 (Another entry in the diary of Sickman)




As soon as she saw the raincoat she knew something was up.  She was used to finding things laid out on her bed whenever Daddy wanted to see her in something particular, and while leather wrist cuffs were not as common a style for her as silly-looking pinafores, neither were they unheard of.  But the raincoat? That meant they were going out. And with nothing else but the cuffs, a pair of very high heels, her dog's collar, and two longer straps, it meant she was going out in a rather vulnerable state!


Her freshly scrubbed pussy winced.


He had to help her into the car, her wrists having been fastened to the straps around her upper thighs. He had merely draped the raincoat over her shoulders so it had parted every time she took a step - she took slow ones after it had flared out completely, helplessly displaying everything she had to the neighbourhood.  Her heart pounded with the beloved rush of embarrassment.  Then, before he started the car, he took out a leather blindfold and enveloped her with darkness.


Fear and sexual thrill blended together in a familiar, potent cocktail.  Could people see?  What could they see?  Every instant she felt eyes on her, pedestrians staring at the blindfolded woman, SUV drivers looking down at her bare lap.  How much of her chest was exposed?  In her mind more and more, just as the darkness of night got lighter and lighter as she pictured what a policeman would see if they were pulled over.  She had moved to fumble the coat across her legs but then thought better of it; he wanted her like this, exposed, vulnerable, leaking her excitement all over the lining of her coat.


Daddy was quiet for a long while - he often was - letting her stew in her dark thoughts. 


Finally he asked, "How are you doing, sweetmeat?"


"I'm okay, Daddy.  I'm nervous.  And wet."


"That's my cunt," he said, laughing at her horniness.


"Daddy?"   She knew she shouldn't but he wouldn't get angry. "Where are we going?"


"We?  We aren't.  I am going to a party and it is B.Y.O.C. so you are coming"


A party?!  She had been to spanking parties but not with Daddy, not bound and naked, and as a person not as someone's "C" - no need to ask what "C" was for.  A small panic gripped her; not enough to make her beg mercy, just a yummy knot of fear that clenched her stomach and flashed in her brain.  And made her pelvis squirm.


Her hand slipped between her legs.


"What kind of party, Daddy?" she asked, hoping for fuel for her excitement.  If he would tell her the horrible things he had planned she might be able to make herself come in front of all those truck drivers looking in the..."


"Are you my little cunt, sweetmeat?"


"Yes, Daddy."


"And what should a good little cunt be?"


With a sigh she recited: "'Obscene and not heard', Daddy" 


She sat in silence fingering herself.




When they finally arrived he helped her from the car.  Her heels clacked on the pavement.  Her coat billowed open completely baring her, but he pulled her along not allowing her to slow, coaching her up a few stairs.  A doorbell.  A man inviting them in.  Offering to take their coats.  Suddenly she was naked standing in someone's house.  How many people were there?  She could hear other voices but could they see her?  In all the games she had ever played she had never felt more defenceless.  They knew everything, she nothing.  Did they know her? 


The man welcomed Daddy, not her.  Like I'm not even... like I'm just a cunt. 


Her pussy clenched.  She loved feeling like an object to be used and ignored.  Thank you, Daddy.


"Not much there, is there?" the man said, and her nipple was flicked making her start.


With a sigh of resignation Daddy said, "No".  She died just a little, sorry once again that her tiny chest was such a disappointment to Daddy.


"No problem" the man said dismissively, "she won't need them tonight anyway" and they both laughed.


She was led down a flight of stairs and across a concrete floor. There were other people in this room; all men and many of them stopped their conversations for a moment as she was ushered through.  Daddy helped her kneel on something padded about chair seat height.  Her knees were spread quite wide and straps were fastened over them so she could not move them.  She was told to bend forward and a chain attached to the table was clipped to her collar so that she could not raise her head higher then her ass.  Daddy patted her head easing it down to the padded tabletop and told her to be a good cunt and make him proud of her.


And he was gone.


Now what?  No one came to her.  Were they looking at her?  They had started talking again.  She could not guess how many but it seemed like a lot. There was a television with a woman crying and begging in ... Japanese?  Whatever was happening to her, the men in the room seemed to find it as amusing as the girl did unpleasant.  This made her scared.  Daddy would never let anybody hurt me, she told herself.  And then thought it a few more time for good measure. 


"Yes Sir", a woman said.  There were other women.  Obedient ones.


She relaxed after a while which gave her time to think about her situation.  With her cheek to the table, her ass was sticking up in her waiting position - this was how Daddy liked her to wait to greet him, cunt first because first and foremost that is what I am: his cunt. His sperm receptacle. His fuckhole.  He had dozens of names for her but they all came to the same thing: she was an object and she was his.  His to put on display in front of a room full of men if he wanted to, but this was the first time and she was not sure how she felt about it.  Mostly, she realized, because she could not tell what the men thought of her.  When she thought of them all looking at her like that, her pussy spread and available, her face masked since who she was did not matter, she got little tingles of humiliated joy.  But when she listened to them they seemed to all be watching the TV show so she just felt like a loser.  "Not much there" the man had said.  Bet if I had big tits they would be looking, she thought dejectedly.  But then the thought that she was bound naked in front of a room full of men who found a video more exciting then her sexless body was sort of exciting in its own way. 


Your such a loser she told herself. 


Her pussy spasmed.  She reached back to rub it a little.


Loser! she thought again, just because it excited her. And fingered herself just a little more.  Well Daddy likes it when I make myself wet for him while I wait and he told me to be a good cunt, so she kept playing with herself.


Loser.  Can't get laid buck-naked tied to a table in a room full of men.  Look at you.  You must look so pathetic like this, your cunt sticking up in the air spread and available.


Her hole was juicing up.  Her fingers slithered deliciously in the slimy slit.


They're going to see you.  They are all going to see what a horny pathetic slut you are, which only made her so much more excited.


They can see right into your horny fuck-hole.  But she realized this was not true.  So she reached her other hand around to stretch her left lip in the opposite direction so they could.  Can everybody see my cunt?  See, I am such a horny little Kyke slut that I...


"Having fun, sweetmeat?"


"Yes Daddy." She managed to pant out.


"Getting yourself all ready for use?"


"Yes, Daddy."


Then a whisper, so close she could feel his breath on her ear "There are people watching you do that, you insatiable slut.  I love having people know what a horny cunt I have."


Something was at her lips.  She opened them and found his thumb and started sucking it and licking it, hoping she could do such a good job that he might let her have his cock though she knew he would not.  And he continued whispering.  Rude things.  Insulting things. Cruel things. 


And of course she came.  She always did.  Because they were all true and she loved to have him tell her so.


After, he stayed for a while, petting her head the way he pets his cat, while she nursed on his thumb like an infant.  Then he left her again and somehow now that she had come and had pussy juice flowing down both thighs, she felt less pathetic, as if she had earned the right to kneel there naked, open, and ignored.


"Okay, I think we are about ready to get started" someone said.


Her breath stopped in anticipation. What are they going to do to me? All fuck me?  G_d, I hope so!


People seemed to be gathering towards her.  Her senses were on high alert trying to gain a hint of what was to come.


"Someone get that cunt out of the way"


Suddenly the table she was on lurched, rolling quickly.  Then it stopped.  Something was happening, but not to her; behind her. 


Her heart sank a little at this, but she loved the feeling, too. I'm just a cunt that was "in the way."  She pictured herself on her rolling table, wheeled around like an un-needed appliance to be parked in some empty corner, abandoned; naked and as inviting as she could be in her waiting position, spread, bound, making herself wet and oh so ready, but still ignored, not sexy enough to be anything but "in the way".  With little minds of their own, her fingers started fiddling with her cunt again.  I'm like a piece of furniture to be wheeled out of the way when I am not needed and wheeled back when someone wants to put me to use.  Fuck, I love this!  Please, please treat me worse...


While pondering whether it would be better to be used or ignored, she also tried to make sense of what they were saying, half hoping they would say something more to insult her, but it was confused.  They all seemed to be talking at once.  They were tying someone up.  A "her". With "nice fuckin' tits". Bitch. " Tightly". To "make them bulge".  To "make them purple". She could here the woman grunt every once in a while.  They wanted to lift her off the ground.  They tied some more.  A cheer went up.  She was whimpering. Daddy would never let any one hurt me. They were whipping her.  She moaned after every smack.  The blows kept falling.  They wanted it on her pussy.  I should be jealous of this, but the way the woman was crying she thought maybe she was glad it was not her. Daddy would never let any one hurt me. 


A hand grabbed her ass and a cock sank into her dripping hole.  Her brain exploded with a mixture of thrill, initial discomfort, excitement, violation, disgust with herself, wonderfully divine helplessness, and Lord knows what else.  And then, as he sawed in and out, she settled into an overwhelmingly exciting degraded bliss. Use me. I am just a cunt.  Not a doctor, not a person, just a fuckhole. Just a fuckhole. Just a hole. A hole. Fuck me. Fuck me. Use me.   Until he was pumping her so hard that she had no thought at all except physical pleasure and an absolutely exquisite feeling of being defencelessly taken, used.  He came before she could, and after pumping his sperm into her in a few spurts he just left.  Never said a word.


Perfect.  She barely touched her clitoris - Yes! Perfect! Use me and then just  walk away - and exploded in orgasm.


You are such a disgusting slut, she scolded herself, feeling his slimy leavings oozing out onto her busy fingers.  And another small orgasm took her.  She wanted to taste it, to wallow in it.  But she couldn't.  Neither could she clean herself.  The sperm burbled out of her spasming hole and slithered down her thighs. 


G_d, you are so disgusting.  What if someone you knew could see you?  She tried to picture what they would see.  It was such a wonderfully disgusting, depraved image that her finger started playing in the sperm, slithering into her hole to bring out more for her to caress.  Look at yourself, Shannon.  In public with cum leaking out of your cunt.  So horny you can't stop playing with yourself and you don't even care if people see you.  Yes I do, she corrected herself I hope they do.  G_d, you are such a slut! I wonder if Daddy can see.   Daddy, are you there?  Can you see what that man did to your cunt?  Are you proud of me, Daddy?  Oh, he probably isn't even there, she thought, listening to the girl whimper behind her.   He is probably having fun watching her. Her and her "nice fuckin' tits".  Bitch.


Hands pulled her hands from her cunt and a cock plunged in, all the way to the bottom in a single thrust. 

"Oh, yeah!" she gasped. Oops, she felt she was supposed to keep quiet but it had just slipped out.  She had not realized how empty she was until she found herself suddenly filled again.  It was smallish, but it didn't matter, it was a cock and it was in her.


It was just so wonderful to be helplessly taken like this.  Not that she would have stopped it but it was exquisite to not have a choice.


"Slut." The man muttered and sawed in and out.  He was fat; she could feel his belly on her ass.  He huffed like a steam engine and it flitted across her mind that if he had an M.I. he might crush her.  After a while he seemed to get tired and stopped for a moment.  So she started fucking herself back onto him.


"Yeah, baby.  Ride that thang."


She liked the encouragement and started grinding and squirming herself on and off him. 


"You are one ho'ny little slut, ain'tcha"


So horny I am fucking a fat hillbilly slob I don't know and loving it.


"Du'ty cunt" he said with disgust.  Music to her ears.  And the more he insulted and encouraged her, the harder she worked at trying to please the hick. 


Last 'thang' he probably fucked was a goat.  She liked being on par with a goat.  She really started humping with odd barnyard images flitting across her mind.


Or his daughter.  Well that thought stuck in her head. She pictured herself this obese slob's daughter, being forced to fuck her fat, ugly father. Oh please Daddy, not again. Well that image really got her going and she was suddenly afraid that if she came she would not be able to keep fucking him properly.  In desperation, she started grunting and panting instead of holding it back, hoping her excitement would help him over the edge.  It almost backfired because she realized that she was making enough noise that the whole room would be aware she was getting fucked which of course only turned her on more, but mercifully the guy started grunting and she knew he was so close that she could...


He patted her on the butt and withdrew. 




"I'm not here for my pleasure", she recited, another of Daddy's sage sayings.


She lay her head to the tabletop to catch her breath.   Her pussy farted loudly and she tried to be embarrassed but could not seem to manage it.


"What the fuck?!"  Someone behind her, utterly disgusted.  "People raised in a goddamned barn.  You, come'ere.  You don't expect me to fuck that mess, do you?  Clean it up."


A mouth started sucking the sperm off her thighs


"I will be back in five minutes, it had better be spotless."


Her first thought was that she didn't want to be cleaned up.  The sperm running down her thighs was her badge of honour, proof of how she had been used.  Then the mouth finished her thighs and started lapping at her crotch and she suddenly thought that being clean was not actually such a bad thing. 


Yeah, lick it up, you slut. Lick the sperm out of my cunt.  Sucker.  Men  fuck me.  She loved feeling vastly superior to the other girl.  I may be nothing but a fuckhole, but I am not as pathetic as you.  And of course immediately wished she was.  Then the sensation of having the girl bury her face in her crotch shoving her tongue as far up her hole as she could and licking her insides washed away all thoughts. 


The girl was just sucking each of her sticky fingers clean when, "Time's up, faggot. Lets see how you did.


Faggot? A man?! Gross.  What sort of slimy worm must he be?


"Not bad.  Yeah, I'd fuck that.  Oh, I see you liked that, did you?  Does the little faggot like pussy?"


"I asked you a question, faggot.  Does pussy turn you on?"


"Yes Sir."


"Here, stick your nose in there..." hands pulled her ass cheeks apart.  Something lodged itself in her hole.


"Would you like to put your dick in there?"


"Yes Sir, I would."


He laughed, "Yeah I bet you would.  Tell you what, you just stay here all night and keep this pussy clean and ready for use by real men and while your eating all that jizz you can think about how much you wish you were man enough to put some in her"


"yes sir"


Hands and nose left.  A cock started shoving into her.  It took a bit of cramming but he was none-too-gentle.  It was a big one.  Once in, he started fucking her deep and hard, bumping her cervix at each thrust.   Hands grabbed her pigtails and lifted her head up, using them like reins to pull it back.  Then he fucked her harder, pounding into her, deliberately hurting her. She started whimpering and making little complainy noises every time he bottomed out.  He was bludgeoning her guts and it hurt so good.  Harder.  She tipped her pelvis back to give him an extra bit of access.  And started crying in pain.  And cumming.  And cumming. 


When, after taking much more of this then she thought she could, he finally came in her.  There was no mistaking like the last guy, this one roared like a bull and slammed into her so hard the table started lurching across the floor.  He actually stayed in her for a half a minute before leaving.  She collapsed like a used dishrag.  Only to have her head yanked up by the pigtails again.


"You made the mess, you clean it.  Open up."


She parted her lips and a rank, shrivelled cock insinuated itself.  She sucked it in and greedily swallowed it. Mmm, soft cock.   Rude slurpy noises followed.  The tongue was back in her pussy, sucking out sperm.  She thought she might cry she was so happy.  The guy pulled out of her mouth and told her to stick out her tongue.  A hairy sack was placed on it and she lovingly licked it clean.  The tongue left her pussy.  A cock shoved in.  The balls went away.  A hard cock shoved in there, too.  She felt like a pig on a spit, gored at both ends.  And G_D knows what happened after that.  Cocks.  And more cocks.  And orgasms.  Hers.  Theirs.  Sperm in her mouth.  And on her face.  And across her back.  And more cocks.  And so much cum!


I am the happiest girl in the world,  she thought at one point and at another, Look at me, Daddy, aren't I a good cunt for you?  Which made her wonder if Daddy had been one of the men to use her and how odd it was not to know.


During a lull the 'faggot' was told to clean her mouth out, too.  A strange man kissed her cum-slimed mouth with his cum-slimed mouth, their spermy faces slithering against each other, his tongue jammed far into her.  It was quite disgusting in an erotic sort of way and she found herself actively kissing him back, finding it odd to be making out with an unknown man in her strange world of darkness and sperm.  Then there was a hand on her ass and she was again unceremoniously invaded, her world once again became one of being blissfully violated by anonymous cock.


At one point a cold bottle was put in her hand and she obediently gripped it. 


"Right on.  Check it out.  It comes with its own beer holder!" This earned the speaker laughs and appreciative hoots for his creativity as he stuck himself into her. 


IT.  Oh yes IT does, IT does have a beer holder and IT is so happy IT can be a full service cunt for you, she thought with glee.


The bottle was taken from her every few minutes to be replaced after a few seconds. 


A fuck machine. With beer holder.


The next guy had to go one better and put a cigarette in her other hand.


After a while the pace slowed. Maybe these ones are having seconds,  she thought as two cocks leisurely gored her from either end.  Above her, one said laughing, "So how 'bout those Braves?"  Both men had a good chuckle at that, but then proceeded to discuss the latest trades while languidly shoving in and out of her, the forward one holding up her head by her pigtails, all three of them enjoying the insult to her person.


Some of them took to gripping her nipples, crushing them, using her pain to make themselves cum so that her little teats were soon throbbing.  That was great!  It hurt like hell, but having them hurt her while they used her was so exciting that the pain just got confused with the pleasure.


And then suddenly there weren't any more cocks.  Someone was fiddling with her collar.  And her leg straps.


"Look at you, you disgusting slut", Daddy said, his voice full of adoration.


"Is it over?"


"Yeah, that's it.  You seemed to enjoy it."


"I loved it!"


He helped her to her feet and, despite her concern for his clothes, hugged her big.




The blindfold did not come off until she was standing in front of her own bathroom mirror.  G_d, she was a disaster.


"Daddy, did you... were you one of the men...?


"Me?  Fuck that?  It's a disgusting mess."  But she noticed he had not answered the question. 


He was drawing her a bath.


She surveyed herself, bending to see where, despite the faggot's hard work, sperm still oozed out of her.




"Yes, little hole?"


"Can we go there again sometime?"