Sickman's hole

wrote,@ 2005-01-25

another fine entry in the Diary of Sickman

cunt learns her lesson

masterjth2000: you need to beg your master today about this
dirtypanty_slut: i have
dirtypanty_slut: he isnt responding to me
dirtypanty_slut: i think hes being cruel
masterjth2000: how do you feel about doing this behind his back
masterjth2000: talk to me slut
dirtypanty_slut: ask him
masterjth2000: who am i asking
dirtypanty_slut: sickman4q2
masterjth2000: he on now
dirtypanty_slut: yes
dirtypanty_slut: did he answer you?
masterjth2000: yes
dirtypanty_slut: and?
masterjth2000: your ok talking to me
dirtypanty_slut: how do i know?
dirtypanty_slut: he wont say anything to me...
masterjth2000: is he a realtime master to you
dirtypanty_slut: online