Sickman's hole

wrote,@ 2005-01-25

    another fine entry in the Diary of Sickman 

hairbrush and scummy panties (my own choice)

Yesterday Sickman let me play with his cunt however i wanted including looking at dirty pictures and letting other people online use me.
i looked through the filth in my email from my groups spreading my legs and sticking my cunt meat out as Sickman likes me to do, feeling my cunny get hornier and hornier. No touching my desparate cunt meat until someone said i could, Sickman likes it when my cunny goes unsatifisfied - he makes me dry hump things like shampoo bottles so my cunt gets worked up. As i looked at my dirty pictures i squeezed my fuck hole knowing my slut cream oozes out my opening when i do, last night i was wearing my new reporting-knickers, all freshly laundred, as i made myself a horny self-denied cum tart for Sickman's amusement i looked down occassionally to see the smears of cunt mess i was leaving on the mess gusset, squirming in my chair, arse on the edge, trying to wipe more of my slime on them.
it took a long time for someone to contact me who wasn't the usual sex-talk stuff and even when they did they were very unsatisifactory - the most degrading thing they wanted was for me to fuck my hairbrush handle. i didn't think Sickman woul be pleased with me for just thought. When i've let my gash get all creamed up and i'm gagging to rub and finger my hole i will do a lot of things that make me cringe the next day remembering them (i used to hide from suckman for weeks after some of the things i did). And because last night i was a horny fuck tart wanting to please Sickman by doing something nasty i asked if i could lick my cunt-snot smeared panty crotch, of course he said yes.
i did
still he was rather dull and as i fucked my cunt with my hairbrush handle - which is not a new thing for me - i beccame a right dirty little cow. i actually asked if i could put the panties over the brush.
he agreed and i did, even after asking what's next, fucking away he still didn't suggest anything, and now when i write this i realise how pervy this will sound (half of me is feeling rather pathetic about it, but, oh god, the other half is writhing her swollen cunt flesh back against those panties again)...
so i asked.
i asked if i could suck the panties out that i had wiped up the inside of my discharge filled fuck hole with.
guess what - he said yes.
i couldn't get them off quick enough and the gusset into my mouth. Sickman like the details even though i cringe writing them, so...
After showing the hair brush back up my distinctly drier fuck hole i pushed a finger in my mouth so i could press my tongue against it all the more to feel the texture of the little while blobs of cunt slime that had adhered to the panty material.
i came almost instantly.
After i came i cleaned the brush and put the wet smelly panties in a make-up bag i have for them. The part that made me feel most stupid was opening it tonight in the bedroom and before i even saw them, smelling my cunt come whifting out the bag. Then taking them out, all covered in hardly sucked off cunt cream, even a couple of little dried blobs left, straightening them out, feeling how they had slightlt hardened, and stepping into them really made me feel what a stupid little slut i am. Tucking them into place and then walking overto the computer shamefaced to report.
But once again i feel dirty and hope Sickman will speak to me once i publish my report - my rubber darling stuck to the desk in front of me - waiting for its sucking if we chat.
my cunty is squirming but i am trying not to juice up on the panties too much.
Sickman's hole
(i have just amended the subject so even reading that alone makes me cringe)