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Mother/Daughter Forced Gloryhole Rape
by Dakar
	Zack looked at the other four men around the table, sipping
his beer.  "I swear, if I EVER get that bitch alone again," he said,
"I'm gonna show her what happens to a cock-tease!"
	"Fuck her," said Steve.  "Fuck her AND her bitch mother.  I
hear that her husband left her way back when 'cause she'd only ever
let him fuck her so that she could have a little bitch daughter all
her own."
	"Sounds right," said Dan.  "Man, right on second base, and mom
walks in on us… and Terry and her bitch mother are all smiling and
laughing, and me with a hard-on that would break boards, man…"
	Five men, all with the same story.  A teasing little teenager,
bringing them back home, getting them all hot and bothered, and then
laughing as her mother came in, and threw them out, hard and wanting.
	"Tell you something," said Brad, as he sipped his fifth beer,
"we should do something about it."
	They looked at each other, and started to smile.  A plan
started to form, and over the next few days, as the beer dissipated,
the plan remained, and grew.  Terry Smith and her bitch mother,
Marian, were going to have a really bad day, really soon.
	After a couple of weeks of preparation, the five conspirators
were ready.  Three of them put on ski masks and dark clothes, and
waited at the Smith house.  It was a nice, big place, purchased with
the money Marion got from the divorce settlement.  They'd watched it
for over a week, getting the schedule down.  Marion would come home
from her office in the middle of the day, working very close.  This
time, when she pulled into her garage, however, three men ducked in
behind her car as the garage door closed.  They stayed low, so she
couldn't see them... until it was too late.  As she stepped out of the
car, Steve stepped up, and before she could scream, he hit her in the
stomach with the stun gun.
	She collapsed to the hard concrete floor, body trembling from
the pain, and the three men went to work.  Taking her keys, they
opened up her trunk, bound her wrists and ankles with rope, stuffed a
rag into her mouth, and taped it in place with duct tape.  Then they
threw her in the trunk, and slammed it.
	Half an hour later, after having themselves a nice lunch out
of her refrigerator, Steve drove her car to the adult bookstore on the
outskirts of town where they'd been making their preparations.  One
down, one to go!
	Brad and Dan waited in the house.  Terry would come home after
school in the little red convertible her dad's money had bought her,
park on the street, and come in the front door.  Every day, like
clockwork.  Today was no exception, except that when she went to the
kitchen, Brad and Dan were waiting in the pantry.  She barely had time
to yelp before she, too, was hit with the stun gun.  Brad bound the
chesty teenager while Dan went and got their car.  They put her in the
trunk, bound and gagged, in the garage, and then they carefully and
casually drove to the bookstore.  Fun time had arrived!
	The doors of the adult bookstore were closed for a while, and
the "Open" sign turned off.  Marian, fully recovered by the time they
took her out of the trunk, was kicking and screaming as she was
brought in the back door, through the supply room, and into one of the
video booths.  Zack and Dan carried her in, laughing the whole time.
No more ski masks.  It wasn't going to matter if she recognized them.
In fact, it was great that she did.
	Once in the booth, they forced her to the seat, and held the
stun gun to her chest.
	"Now stay the hell quiet," said Zack.  He turned on the video
screen, which wasn't showing the usual assortment of porn.  What it
showed was an overhead view into two booths, side by side, from a
hidden camera in the ceiling.  "If you make a sound, I swear to god
I'll fry you with this thing."
	Marian, remembering the pain of the stun gun, sat still,
fuming.  She watched the screen, looking around, occasionally, for her
chance to escape.
	On the screen, she saw three men bringing Terry into one of
the booths!  She started to protest through her gag, but Zack just
prodded her in the tit with the prongs of the stun gun, and she
quieted down, eyes wide. What were they going to do?
	Terry struggled against her bonds, and the three men that held
her, to no avail.  She'd been tied very well.  Brad and Steve held her
down on her back on the bench in the booth, as Carl pulled a long
knife, and started to cut away her clothes.
	Marian's pleadings started again… Zack let them go on for a
minute, kind of enjoying them, before he grabbed the front of Marian's
blouse, ripped it open, and hit her on the bare flesh of her left tit,
above her bra, with the stun gun.  She doubled over, her scream cut
off by the gag and the horrible tightness of her shocked muscles.
When she was able to unbend again, Terry was naked and bound, her big
tits jiggling as she struggled against the three attackers in her
	"It's time your daughter found out what happens to chicks to
cock-tease all the time," said Zack.  "And you too, for that matter."
	They pulled the gag out of Terry's mouth, and she tried to
bite Carl's hand as he did.
	"You BASTARDS… let me GO… I SWEAR, I'll KILL YOU…" she was
screaming, all anger and rage.  Marian sat up proudly… her daughter
wouldn't give in to these thugs!
	Then, Steve grabbed Terry's head tightly, and dug his thumbs
into the joint of her jaw, forcing her mouth wide open with the
pressure and the pain.  Brad forced a ring-gag into her mouth, behind
her teeth, and strapped it cruelly tight to her head.  Terry continued
to scream, but with her mouth forced open, the words weren't making
much sense any more.
	Then, as Marian looked on, horrified, they forced Terry to her
knees, and pressed her face against one wall of the booth.  Looking
more closely, she could see a hole in the wall of the booth, against
which Terry's helplessly open mouth was forced.  As Brad and Steve
held her there, Carl strung rope through eye-rings on either side of
the glory hole, and tied Terry's head tightly in place.
	"That's a glory-hole," said Zack, as Marian's eyes filled with
tears.  "Know what one of those is for?  I'll bet your high-falutin'
lifestyle doesn't include stuff like that.  Men take their pleasure
through that hole… not that you'd know anything about men's pleasure.
But you will, bitch.  You and your daughter will."
	Marian shook her head, clearing the tears out of her eyes, as
she watched the three men in Terry's booth bind her even more
tightly…wrists behind her back, ankles bound together, then ankles and
wrists bound together.  She was forced to kneel at the glory hole,
unable to move her wide-open mouth even a centimeter away from it.
Then, the three men left the booth.  Marian feared they would go into
the adjacent booth and take advantage of her daughter, but instead,
she saw them coming into her own booth, less than a minute later.
	"Here's the deal, mom," said Brad, as he stood in front of
her.  "Your daughter's going to learn a lot about pleasing a man,
today.  We don't care if you learn shit, but you need to be taught a
lesson, don't you?"  He reached down and ripped open her blouse the
rest of the way, and dug her big fat tits out of her expensive lace
bra.  Marion started to struggle, but Zack put the tip of the stun gun
directly against her nipple.
	"You make a sound… a single fucking sound," he said, "and I'll
go stuff this stun-gun up your daughter's cunt, and tape the trigger
down.  Got me?"
	Marion, horrified, nodded.  She sat there, passively, as the
five men pulled and tore her clothes off, stripping her completely
naked, ruining her thousand dollar outfit.  She kept her eyes on the
stun gun, and on the screen where Terry knelt, helpless, moaning and
squirming.  Brad unbound Marion's feet, and her back was forced to one
wall of the booth.  Zack and Carl pulled her ankles wide apart, as
Brad held her shoulders against the wall.  She felt the wood of the
wall behind her, and an opening, which her ass was pressing against.
She looked at Brad, eyes wide and pleading, shaking her head, but Brad
only smiled.
	Her widespread ankles were tied to eye-rings set in the wall,
and they forced her to bend over.  Her wrists were tightly bound
behind her back, and then the bent her over further.  As Brad held her
down with a hand on the back of her neck, Dan knelt by her, reached
around, and spread her ass-cheeks.  She could feel cool air on her
exposed anus, and started to struggle.  They only held her more
tightly, as Dan ran rope through the eye-rings on either side of this
glory hole, and around her waist and thighs, forcing her ass-hole
tightly to the glory hole.  Then, Carl got under her bent-over form,
and began to wrap coils of rope around her dangling melons, binding
them tightly at the base, making them swell under her.  The ends of
the ropes were brought down to the floor, and secured tightly in an
eye-ring in the floor.
	Then they grabbed her long hair, pulled her head far back, and
tied her hair to one more eye-ring in the wall with one more length of
rope.  Her face was only a foot away from the video screen where Terry
waited pensively, mouth to the wall.
	Zack stroked Marian's naked body with the prongs of the stun
gun, then Brad pulled the tape off of her mouth, and pulled out the
	"Please," said Marian, the agony in her bound breasts dulling
her thinking, "don't do this… please, you can't… do whatever you want
with me, but not Terry… PLEASE…"
	"Shouldn't have helped her tease all those cocks," said Carl,
as he tweaked Marian's nipple.  Marian shuddered, but didn't scream.
She knew, if she screamed, she'd feel the stun gun again….
	"It was all my idea… please, not her… she's all I've got…
don't do this to my little girl…"
	The men looked back and forth to one another.  "So," asked
Zack.  "Is Terry still a virgin?"
	"She… oh, god, don't," said Marian, shock setting in.
	Brad slapped her, lightly, knelt down to face her.  "Is Terry
a virgin?" he asked again.  Zack reached under her with the stun gun,
and pressed the prongs to Marian's swollen nipples.
	"Y…yes…" said Marian.  "You… you can't take that from her… not
like this… please… she's never even touched a man's… a man's penis
	"Well, she's gonna do a hell of a lot more than touch one,
today," said Brad.  He pulled out a good-sized cock gag, and held it
in front of Marian.  "Open up, or we'll shock your tits."
	Marian, crying almost uncontrollably, opened her mouth, and
Brad forced the six-inch cock gag into her mouth, nearly choking her,
the head of it resting just at the entrance of her throat.  As he
strapped it into place, she realized that if she relaxed, she wouldn't
gag on it.  Tears of humiliation welled up in her eyes… she'd never
sucked a cock before, not even a rubber one, and having this thing in
her mouth, here, in front of these men she and her daughter had
humiliated, was more than she could bear!
	"Show time," said Zack.  Brad, Carl, Dan, and Steve left the
booth, and Zack knelt down next to Marian.
	"You see, we've been setting this up for a while," he said.
"Now, we're going to open the book store back up, and let all the
regular customers come in.  We've been telling them there would be a
special surprise for them, tonight.  We even put ads on the Internet,
so a hell of a lot of horny guys are going to come in, looking for
some satisfaction."
	Marian's eyes widened once more, and she started to gag on her
protests as she shook her head.  Zack kissed her on the cheek,
	"At some point tonight, me and all my friends are gonna take
our turns, too.  But I doubt you'll be able to tell when it's us."
	He left her in the booth, alone, eyes locked on the screen,
watching her daughter, who had no warning about what was about to
	As Marian watched, tears dripping down her cheeks, she heard
the sounds of people coming into the store.  She pulled at the bonds
on her wrists and ankles, pulled up against the ropes on her tightly
bound breasts, but there was no escaping.  She watched Terry, saw her
pulling at her own bonds, hoping against hope that she could get a
hand free.  She could hear Terry's moans across the store, and
silently begged her to stop, to not draw any attention to herself.
Marian would have tried to moan herself, to attract attention away
from her precious daughter, but the cock-gag in her mouth denied her
the opportunity.
	As she watched her daughter struggle, she saw a man enter the
booth next to Terry.  Marion's throat constricted at the cock-gag, as
she tried to yell, to scream, to beg, to plead.  The man bent down,
and looked into the hole, smiled, and stood up.  As Marion watched,
helplessly, the man opened up his pants, pulled out a five-inch cock,
and stuck it through the hole in the thin veneer wall.  Terry was
caught completely by surprise, and squealed loudly around it.  The man
grabbed a pair of handles that had been conveniently provided in that
booth, and started to shove his cock in and out of Terry's helpless
	"Suck it, bitch!" he said.  There was no sound from the video,
but Marian could hear the words from the nearby booth.  "Fucking
whore, suck it!"
	Marian wanted to close her eyes, but she found she couldn't.
Maybe Terry would get away, maybe she could break free, but there she
was, being brutally mouth-raped by this complete stranger.  Terry's
slim body writhed and squirmed, her ass swaying back and forth, as the
cock slipped in and out, faster and faster.  Marian's throat
constricted in sympathy as she heard Terry gag on the cock, again and
	The man's hips drove the cock brutally into Terry's mouth,
until his body tensed up, and he moaned loudly.  Marian almost threw
up, realizing that the brute was cumming in her precious daughter's
helpless mouth.  The man pulled his softening cock out of Terry's
mouth, and tucked it away, as Terry gasped and coughed through the
	Marian blinked the tears away as the man left the booth, and
was immediately replaced by another.  She recognized Zack, and she
said silent prayers as Zack smiled up at the camera, and flipped her
the finger.  Then he unzipped, pulled out a considerably larger cock
than the last man's, and shoved it deep down Terry's helpless throat.
	Marian was so intent on watching the video monitor that she
didn't hear the sounds from the booth next to hers.  She just felt
something hot and slippery at her helplessly exposed anus.  She tensed
every muscle in her body, straining against the ropes on her, as the
stranger behind her started to shove his hard cock into her, HARD.
She gasped through her nose as the head of it popped into her virgin
shit-chute, and screamed a muffled, choking scream around the
cock-gag.  She closed her eyes, the sounds of Terry gagging on Zack's
huge cock filling her ears, and soon, the grunts and groans of the man
behind her, as he slowly forced more of his big cock up her ass.
	Marian's body trembled as the cock slowly forced it's way in,
her asshole squeezing down on it hot and tight.  She tensed her every
muscle, trying to expel the raping intruder, but that only seemed to
excite the man inside of her.  After what seemed like forever, she
felt her ass-cheeks tickled by pubic hair, and the man's cock was
entirely inside her.  The burning agony of the anal rape tore through
her body, and her spastic, gagging moans were totally insufficient,
but the only noise she could squeeze out.
	She opened her eyes again as the man left his cock there,
feeling her heat and tightness.  On the video screen, Zack was holding
onto the handles, and force-fucking Terry's helpless throat hard and
fast, looking up into the camera as he did.  He was smiling, an evil
smile, that seemed to say "you're next, bitch."  
	Then the man in Marian's ass started to fuck his big cock in
and out, tearing her open.  Even as tightly bound as it was, her body
jerked back against the wall, time and again, as the big cock dragged
out of her rectum.  Her big tits were yanked mercilessly as the cock
pounded her violated hole, bringing even more pain.
	She heard Zack's moans as he came in Terry's mouth, and
watched as he very deliberately pulled his cock mostly out of her
mouth, and jacked the last few drops onto her tongue, forcing her to
taste his cum.  With a satisfied smile on his face, Zack zipped up his
pants, and left the booth… to be immediately replaced by another
	The cock in Marian's ass pumped into her harder, and faster.
Tears of pain and humiliation spilled to the floor, as her butt was
used brutally.  The man would pump hard, then slow down… pump hard,
and then slow down.  He was deliberately taking his time, making the
horrible anal rape last, and last.  Marian lost track of the number of
times the cock was rammed into her helpless chute.  She felt him drive
in deep, hard, and then an odd warmth filled her ass.  With disgust,
she realized that the man had cum up her ass.  Her eyes widened once
more as the man's cock was slowly withdrawn, her tight anal rippling
milking out every drop from the rapist.  She felt his cum!  They
weren't wearing condoms, or anything!  Even the men raping Terry's
mouth weren't using rubbers!
	She closed her eyes, body wracked with sobs, as the
implications of multiple unprotected rapes lashed her mind.  She heard
the door to the booth behind her open, and close, and wasn't that
surprised when another cockhead was buttoned into her helpless, torn
asshole.  The pain wracked her again, causing her to jerk hard against
her bonds, helpless, in agony.
	She lost count of the number of men that used her and Terry,
somewhere around ten or fifteen.  She knew there were a lot more than
that.  The constant pain, the terror, and the humiliation took their
toll… she passed out after an hour of the torment, which didn't stop
the delighted bookstore patrons.
	She woke up, muscles aching, scalp burning with the constant
pull on her hair, breasts numb.  She was still tied in the same place,
and the same position, but the rapes seemed to have stopped, at least
for the moment.  She looked at the screen, and to her terror, Terry
was no longer there!  Marian tried to scream for her, but the cock-gag
prevented any but the most pitiful mewlings out of her mouth.
	Then, there was another pressure at her anus, but this one was
different.  Where the many cockheads that had pressed there were hard
and soft at the same time, this one was only hard, ungiving.  And it
was HUGE!  Her asshole, brutalized as it was, could offer no
resistance as the vast intruder forced it's way inside her.
	Again, the gag prevented a full-throated scream.  The thing
pressed in, harder, and deeper, it's length covered with sharp little
nubs, that bit into her flesh and scraped along her torn anal canal as
it slipped in.  In her pain-shrouded mind, Marian didn't realize that
she was being fucked with a huge, knobbed dildo.  She thought that she
was in hell, and finally, Satan himself was raping her ass.  Her mind
started to come apart under the agony of the brutal dildo rape.  It
had to have been over a foot long, and wider by far than any of the
cocks she'd been forced to take there.  Once it was inside her, it
rested there, and she slowly started to realize what was actually
happening.  "Please," she prayed, silently, "just let it stay there…
please, don't let it fuck me…"
	Her body quivered in helpless agony as the huge dildo started
to slide in and out of her, tearing at the walls of her asshole,
bringing blood and cum out with it with every stroke.  Marian's eyes
squeezed shut, her mind racing madly.  The cocks that had raped her
ass had left when they'd cum.  When would this end?  How could it end?
	The dildo raping went on for a good long time… Marian couldn't
tell how long.  It seemed that it would be going on forever, when the
monster was finally dragged out of her ass.  She could feel cool air
flowing much, much to far inside her, as her tortured anus refused to
close, dripping blood and the cum of dozens of hard anal rapes.  There
was a shuffling of many feet from the room behind her, and the door
opening, and closing.
	Then the door of her own booth opened again, And Marian looked
at the men standing in the door, hate in her eyes.
	They looked at her, laughing, for a moment, then parted,
revealing Terry.  She was naked, her wrists tied behind her back, but
there was a strap around her waist, and at her pelvis was mounted a
huge, black rubber dildo, covered with knobs, dripping blood and cum.	
	"MOM!" she screamed, stepping into the room, and falling to
her bruised and raw knees.  "Mom, I didn't know!  I didn't know you
were here!"  Her voice was hoarse and raw, her lips red and swollen
from the vast number of oral rapes.  "They told me… they told me if I
did this, they'd let me go!"
	Tears spilled down her cheeks, as she rested her face against
her mother's.  Zack and Brad stepped forward, took Terry by her
shoulders, and lifted her to her feet.
	"That was hot," said Carl.  "So, Marian… is your daughter
better at fucking your ass than we are?  Be honest, now…"
	The men laughed as Terry wailed in anguish.  Four of the men
took Terry away, leaving Dan with Marian.
	"So, you want to go home, now?" he asked, holding her chin
between thumb and forefinger.  As best as she could, with her hair
still bound, Marian nodded.
	"Then you've got to do something for us."  He untied Marian's
hair, and unbound her tits, and helped her to stand up straight
against the wall.  Marian stretched her muscles, grateful that the
anal raping was over.  Dan untied her ankles, and helped her sit down,
carefully, on the bench.  Her ass was burning and bleeding, sitting
was hard, but it was a vast relief to take the strain off of her legs.
	She looked at him, expectantly, terror in her eyes, gag still
in her mouth.  Dan pulled a gun out of the back of his waistband, and
her eyes widened even more.
	"We could kill you both," he said, "and no one would know.
None of the guys that fucked you two, today, know what you looked
like.  We could make you disappear, and no one would ever know.  Got
	Marian nodded.
	"Now, my four friends are tying your daughter down to a cot in
the back room.  We've all cum four or five times, now, and we don't
really want to screw you two whores any more.  But Terry's still a
virgin, and she doesn't deserve it.  She's way too good at being a
cock-tease to be a virgin."
	Marian could tell what was coming, and her heart dropped into
her stomach.  Dan ran the tip of the gunbarrel around her swollen
	"So we're gonna take you to her, and give you the strap-on
that we let her use on you, and you're gonna take her cherry.  But
none of this gentle 'mommy-daughter' crap.  You're gonna call her a
slut and a whore and you're gonna make her think that you WANT to rape
her, that she's a dirty little fucking bitch and that she deserves
	Dan held the gun to Marian's temple.  "And if you're not
convincing, you and Terry go away.  In a long, slow, nasty way,
forever. Got me?"
	Marian's mind rebelled at the suggestion, at the horror of it,
but she realized she had no choice.  These men could do whatever they
wanted to them, she had to take the chance, however small, however
painful, to save her and her daughter's life.
	Dan took the gag off of Marian, who remained silent.  She'd
learned her lesson.
	"Good girl," said Dan.  "Now, let's go take Terry's cherry."
	Dan helped the shaky Marian to her feet, untying her hands.
"Just remember, you try anything," he said "and it's all over for you
and your little bitch."
	"I… I know," said Marian, through bitter tears.  Dan led her
to the supply room in back, where Terry was laying on her back on a
thin cot, her arms and legs spread out wide, and tied underneath.  She
looked up at her mother with tears in her eyes, as the four other
conspirators smiled and laughed among themselves.
	"Mom… oh, god, mom, I'm so sorry… I didn't know it was you…"
	Zack stepped up to Marian, and handed her the monstrous strap
on, still glistening with her blood and the cum of uncounted rapists.
She started to protest, not this, anything but this, but the memory of
the gun in the hands of the man behind her stopped her.  She squeezed
her eyes shut tightly, as she strapped on the monstrous thing.
	"Mom, what… what are you doing?" asked Terry, as Marian
approached her.  "You… you can't!"
	"Shut up, you little bitch," said Marian, hoping she was
convincing.  "You… you deserve this…"
	She got on top of her virgin daughter, poising the head of the
dildo at Terry's untouched pussy lips.  Terry's widespread thighs
quivered with the effort of trying to pull them closed.
	"God, no… please, I'm sorry… I'm SO sorry!" squealed Terry,
her eyes locked on the monstrosity pressing at her cunt.  "I swear,
I'll be good… mommy, no… please…"
	Marian almost cracked.  Only the sure knowledge that she and
her daughter would both be killed if she didn't continue drove her on.
She carefully guided the head of the monster dildo to her daughter's
virgin opening, and started to thrust into her.
	"NO… MOMMY… IT HURTS…" screamed Terry, as the head started to
enter her. Marian paused, and slapped her.
	"Listen, you little bitch," she said, her teeth clenched,
"just shut up and take it."  She hated herself more with every word,
but what choice did she have?  Then, she put her weight down on her
hips, and the monstrous, knobbed dildo inched deeper into her
	"DON'T… please, not that… don't take it… NO…" screamed Terry,
as she felt the huge, stretching invader hit her precious maidenhead.
"Mom… you said I had to stay a virgin… why are you DOING THIS?"
	"Why do you THINK, you little BITCH?" asked Marian, tears in
her eyes.  It actually did make her a little angry, that after all
they'd gone through today, she didn't realize that Marian was being
forced into this act.  A little anger was all it took, she thrust her
hips forward, and the dildo ripped through Terry's virginity
	Terry could only scream as Marian buried the rest of the dildo
up her hot, tight pussy… scream and thrash her head about, her young
breasts jiggling from the effort.  Marian started fucking her with
brutal strokes… the harder she went, the faster these men would let
them go.
	The conspirators smiled and laughed, commenting on Marian's
style and technique as she brutally dildo-raped her daughter, until
Marian's legs, trembling from the exertion and stress of the day, gave
out on her, and she could no longer go.  Terry wept and screamed in
her mother's ear, and the five conspirators stepped forward and pulled
them apart, the dildo glistening with fresh virgin blood as is popped
free of Terry's violated hole.
	Marian, helpless with exhaustion, fatigue, and pain, sat next
to her bound, raped daughter, weeping.
	"Just so you know," said Zack, "We've been taping this whole
thing.  We got some good stuff, too.  We're going to be jacking off to
you two whores raping each other for a good, long time."
	"You bastards," said Marian, breathing heavily.
	"Now, you get any funny ideas, like going to the cops or
anything," said Brad, "and we'll put you two all over the Internet,
and send daddy's lawyers a few copies of you raping your little girl.
Won't that be fun?"
	"You… you can't…" said Marian, as Terry continued to cry.
	"You just go on home," said Carl.  "It's gonna be a long time
before you two get off on cock-teasing again."
	They untied Terry, dragged the two women out back, threw them,
naked, into Marian's car, and left them there.
	The five watched as, eventually, they drove off.
	"Gonna do 'em again?" asked Steve, as he popped the top on a
	"Don't see why not," said Brad.  "Give 'em a week or two to
recover, and bring 'em back.  And see if Terry's got any cute
	"Right on," said Dan.  "Let's go watch the tape.  I wanna see
the look on her face when I'm fucking her ass."
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